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Escape the room

Also known as room escape or escape game, it is an adventure game which requires a player to escape from imprisonment by exploiting their surroundings, within 60 minutes.

The groups (2-6 persons) have to solve locks, codes and puzzles, using their logic, creativity and imagination. The only way to succeed is to cooperate as a team, this makes it a good opportunity for team buildings, besides its adventure factor

Sure you can find other room escape games in Budapest, but among them we are the largest and the most exciting one:

What we provide is 6 escape rooms, with different style and story behind, created in 400 m2 of basement, a modern, well-equipped conference room including adjoining catering premises, which all makes Trap Factory suitable for an all-day team bulding.

For individuals: Check our booking page for time-schedule and book a room!

For companies: Contact us on sales@trapfactory.hu in order to create a tailor-made event for your company.